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Dear Leysan,

My life was destroyed.  I was devasted financially, mentally, and emotionally because I loved you.  Your constant threats to leave and long periods of silent treatment punishments caused my brain to be in fight or flight mode, flooded with stress chemicals non stop for days at a time.  Those stress chemicals constantly flooding my brain caused brain damage and complex post traumatic stress disorder.  That was the cause of my major depression and extreme sensitivity to rejection, which caused me to fail at my business.  

I don't want the hell I endured in our relationship that I am still suffering from to be for nothing.  I hope you will learn from what you did to me, and not do it to anyone else.  I hope you will go on to have a happy life and learn to love and respect anyone else that loves you.  I don't want you to suffer from karma.  I just want you to learn from this and change.

Almost all experts say that narcissistic abusers are not capable of changing because they never see the error of their ways.  I hope that will not be the case for you.  Because treating people this way doesn't just hurt them.  It also hurts you.  I want you to learn how to love and feel empathy because I want you to be happy.  

I know that you were also abused, and that was just what you learned to do.  I know you don't fully comprehend what you have done, but I hope you will for your own sake.  I forgive you.  Please let me know when you have read the two articles below with an open and receptive mind. Then I will take down this website.



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